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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Berkeley Diary 5th Nov

Hi all,

Today I was supposed to wake up earlly and do laundary, wash hair, read for test etc...Of that I managed to do only one thing - laundary...

Some how wasted time till 2 pm and reached college at around 2.30. There outside McLaughlin (my department)..on the grass I saw this guy playing with his radio controlled glider. I asked him about it..and he landed it and allowwed me to fiddle it with it. After a while he got a telephone call..and he handed me the radio controls...I would nt mind flying the damned thing other than that I was afraid I would lose control of it and then he would kill me. I held on for sometime and left it with him...Should have flown the thing..U either launch it using a sling shot or just hurl it and it can glide for ever.....depends on how you control it...

Got to my place (407) and checked mail..I totally somehow, despite all the pending work, had a feeling that I would not get an ounce of work done today. After that I found that my computer had Winamp installed in it. (I had asked him last week to install it so that I could learn Chinese!!) but apparently it is already installed (only no icon!!)... Was happy that I could play songs..thoguht I must buy myself headphones..

Ran off to the nearest music store...saw headphones..the cheapest one was 8$ !!...THought jaane do...than began looking for CD's .. I was looking for the Billboard casseste that we had..(Can u find out which year that cassette is..Billboard Hits of which year)..I asked a girl there where i could find Billboard CD's ...she asked me if i wanted used or new..

I then ventureed into the old Cd all CD;s for 2.95..and if u buy 5 or more then for 2$...!! I ended up spending over 3 hours there searching for good CD's..Ended up buying 6....Michael Bolton..time love and tenderness...Phill Collins...Amy Grant...Billy Joel...and Roy Obirson...THere were loads of them..and I was crazy.

THere was another system that I loved...Take any the barcode reader cum computer listening post..and it will play u the songs in that CD. I loved this concept...

Finally ended up buying the Panasonic 8$ earphhne...THe Sony one (which oils around the ear was 11$)..

I was ecstatic that i got the song "She's a Myster" - Roy listening to them now..

However..No work..

Bye for now,


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My first Blog..

How much better is this as a medium than speaking to myself (which we all do all the time). I dont how often the rest of the world speak to itself, but I go crazy with the crzy things that try to confuse my already overstressed out brain every single minute.

And a thing I realized while typing this sentence is that the similarity between and the way i think is amazing. I started off with one thing and now I am on to another..

The way any passes me by is amzaing. The emotional ups and dowwn i go through amaze me. But i guess I am better off than the remaining world in this regards. Atleast the euphoria and excitement others feel oftenis absent in my case. This way the pits doesnt seem too bad.

I hate TEAMWORK> This is my theme for the last few days. Probably because I am a terrible team worker. It surprised me to think of that of all the courses that I do here, I am a part of a team for only two. And in one of the team I feel that where did these people whose brain wont even be worth a cabbage come from. And in the other team I am a laggard. I hate the peopele in the first team coz they put self before work. In the other team there is only work....

Got to continue working if i an show my face for the team meeting for team2..This is really hilarious to me..........

So, what's the first impression??