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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My first Blog..

How much better is this as a medium than speaking to myself (which we all do all the time). I dont how often the rest of the world speak to itself, but I go crazy with the crzy things that try to confuse my already overstressed out brain every single minute.

And a thing I realized while typing this sentence is that the similarity between and the way i think is amazing. I started off with one thing and now I am on to another..

The way any passes me by is amzaing. The emotional ups and dowwn i go through amaze me. But i guess I am better off than the remaining world in this regards. Atleast the euphoria and excitement others feel oftenis absent in my case. This way the pits doesnt seem too bad.

I hate TEAMWORK> This is my theme for the last few days. Probably because I am a terrible team worker. It surprised me to think of that of all the courses that I do here, I am a part of a team for only two. And in one of the team I feel that where did these people whose brain wont even be worth a cabbage come from. And in the other team I am a laggard. I hate the peopele in the first team coz they put self before work. In the other team there is only work....

Got to continue working if i an show my face for the team meeting for team2..This is really hilarious to me..........

So, what's the first impression??


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